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Hit the Decks

The Bayliner 210 Deckboat takes the leading competitor’s boat by storm.

Competition is a fact of life. That’s why Bayliner recently took on its leading competitor in the deck boat segment in a blind boat challenge to see which boat really appealed most to consumers. And this was no showroom showdown. Since the true test of a boat is out on the water, Bayliner’s 210 Deck Boat and a blustery rival hit the waves near Sanibel Harbour Resort in Fort Myers, Florida to see what real families thought when testing the two boats head-to-head. All brand-identifying logos were covered on both boats so no preconceived notions could skew the results. We call it The Hit the Decks Challenge.

Participants were able to drive the boats and compare styling, comfort and onboard space to get a comprehensive feel for each boat. Four groups of people participated in the challenge and, when it was over, all four preferred the Bayliner–even before its significantly lower price was revealed. All felt the competitor’s boat delivered a rougher ride and was substantially less spacious. Bayliner’s comfort, drivability and performance put it head and shoulders above the competition. 

Want to find out for yourself why all of these testers preferred our 210 Deck Boat? Visit your local Bayliner dealer today to take your own version of the Hit the Decks Challenge and see why Bayliner Deck Boats should make it onto your short list this season.