Space & Storage

Our designers continually refine and rethink ways to create passenger space and expand storage on our boats. That’s because more elbowroom and places to stow your gear means more enjoyable days on the water. Bayliner understands this is a delicate balance and many boat manufacturers don’t get this balance right. Many focus on maximizing floor space, but provide few places for you to stow your gear. Other boats compromise useable space with poorly-designed storage or furniture components. Bayliner understands boaters need both. By carefully designing hulls and utilizing our BeamForward™ design—which maintains the boat’s full beam further forward than traditional designs—we give you both passenger AND storage space. So go ahead, bring it on. We’ve got plenty of room!

Why have we put more families on the water?

It’s true, Bayliner has put more families on the water than any other boat company. And there are quite a few reasons for this. Affordability, reliability, customer satisfaction and versatility are just a few. So as you make the important decision on which brand will serve your family best, consider the brand that has served more families than any other. It’s probably a real smart place to start.