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Welcome to Bayliner Currents. The best way for our owners and prospective owners to keep up to date on everything we’re doing to continually improve their boating experience. It’s just what you’d expect from the brand that has put more families on the water than any other recreational boat company. Enjoy!

Bayliner launches expanded DX Series with all-new deck boat models

Bayliner continues to shake up the deck boat market with the expansion of its DX Series, which offers family-friendly layouts in either outboard or sterndrive power. The all-new DX2200 outboard and DX2250 sterndrive models join the newly updated DX2000 and DX2050, growing the series to four models that satisfy today’s deck boat buyers’ demands for […]

Element E21 Named a Boating Industry Top Product

Bayliner has added more innovative new models to its lineup in the past three years than many of its competitors have in the past decade. So it’s no surprise it has landed a coveted spot on Boating Industry’s Top Product list for the second year in a row. Hot on the heels of its VR5 […]

Our Center Console lineup grows with new Element F21

You’re gonna need a bigger boat….and Bayliner just built it for you. Families serious about their fishing often want the extra room to chase fish and enjoy other day boating activities as well. Besides when you’ve already got the best fishing boat value on the market, there’s nowhere to go…but up. The Element F21 (or […]

Our Award-Winning VR5… now available with outboard power on board.

As Bayliner celebrates its 60th Anniversary, it’s got as much new model excitement in store as ever. Our Element E21 (called the E7 in the EU) deck boat highlighted in last month’s issue is one. Our Element F21 (called the CC7 in the EU) center console—which we’ll cover in an upcoming issue—is another. The third […]

The Evolution comes of age with Bayliner’s newest Element deck boat

The best just got bigger. Bayliner designed the revolutionary Element line to be the start of something new. So when you’ve got the best value on the market, there’s nowhere to go…but up. And this new 21-foot Element does just that—with everything people have come to expect from the line, making it bigger and better than ever. This one has really come of age.

Bayliner Now Offering Innovative Heyday Wake Surf Models as Sport Gains Massive Popularity

Bayliner has long been the value leader in family recreational boating, consistently delivering more boat for the money throughout its 60-year history. Over the past several years, wake boarding and wake surfing have experienced a massive rise in popularity. This demand has also driven prices to a level that many would-be participants cannot afford. To answer the need for a value leader in this category, Bayliner recently acquired Heyday; a purpose-built, wake sports-focused design, conceived to deliver Bayliner-level value to consumers looking for an affordable way to enjoy these activities.

Bayliner prepares for landmark anniversary

What began as the dream of a handful of Seattle area businessmen evolved into the best known boat brand in the world. Over the past 60 years, Bayliner has seen it all. From its original plywood runabouts to pioneering the value-packed boat-motor-trailer concept and beyond, we are proud of the impact our brand has had on boating and boating families around the world.

Tow Sports: 10 Tips For Family Fun

Tow sports is one of the fastest growing activities in boating today. In fact, it seems to be limited only by the imagination—with new ways and variations to have fun on the water popping up on a regular basis. Just one flip through a boating magazine will soon show you that an entire industry exists promoting products that can be towed behind a boat. It’s all about family fun. What was once simply waterskiing now includes activities such as wake boarding, wake surfing, knee boarding, tubing, and others.

The anatomy of a fishing boat: Making a smart choice.

Ask 10 serious fishermen what makes the perfect fishing boat and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Depending on style, individual taste, where they fish and what they fish for, it becomes a very personal choice—especially the more experienced and serious the angler.

Outboard vs. Sterndrive: No need for a power struggle…read on.

The two primary power choices for today’s runabout and deck boat often have people new to boating asking the simple question: “Which is best?” The answer is not that simple or black and white, but we hope that this simple breakdown of the issue takes the struggle out of the decision. We will break the […]

Bayliner’s New VR6:
Designed to spoil you

Bayliner’s new VR Series runabouts have been getting a lot of attention this year. In fact, its new VR5 won the Miami International Boat Show’s Innovation award for Best Bowrider or Cuddy. Its larger sister, the VR6, is another value-packed option that adds some unique touches that are sure to spoil boaters looking for not only a great value, but something with that certain something extra to set their boat and boating experience apart.

Bayliner’s New VR5 Wins Big in Miami

Bayliner’s innovative momentum hit a major stride at this year’s Miami International Boat Show when its new VR5 won the show’s Innovation award for Best Bowrider or Cuddy—as judged by a panel of writers from Boating Writers International. This was amid formidable competition from boats in all price ranges, which speaks volumes about the quality […]

Bayliner’s Evolution Continues

Bayliner has put more families on the water than any other recreational boat company. And, for nearly 60 years, our company and its products have changed with the times. But never as dramatically as in the last 3 years. From the introduction of our revolutionary Element and Element XL in 2013 and 2014, to last […]

Hit the Decks

The Bayliner 210 Deckboat takes the leading competitor’s boat by storm. Competition is a fact of life. That’s why Bayliner recently took on its leading competitor in the deck boat segment in a blind boat challenge to see which boat really appealed most to consumers. And this was no showroom showdown. Since the true test […]

Click To Own

Bayliner has made it easy to pick your model, dial in your package, pre-qualify for a loan and make sure you can get it, all with one click on Ever wonder just how nice a Bayliner you could buy? With the new Click To Own button on Bayliner .com, you can dial in your […]

Alaskan Element

When your cabin is beyond the reach of roads but you still need a boat, you call in a chopper. Jamie Dittrich had a problem. His awesome Alaskan getaway on Red Shirt Lake was far enough from the concrete world he couldn’t tow a boat there…not that he had a boat yet. Their cabin there […]

Wakeboard Wonder

A new sponsorship and a Bayliner 215 Flight Series Deck Boat keep champion wakeboarder Garrett Coleman on his game.  While most middle schoolers might be preoccupied with more traditional extracurricular activities, Garrett Coleman is thinking about his next competition. And prepping for it will be made easier with his brand-new Bayliner 215 Flight Series Deck […]

New Evolution

The Bayliner XR7 is a new frontier in style and comfort. Bayliner’s XR7 features the comfort and room you want from a pontoon with a modern look and M-Hull™ running surface. Join Bayliner’s Andrew Mahadevan for a walkthrough of this amazing boat.

Bayliner Therapy

A young child, whose birth defects hinder her speech, says “boat” when she meets the family’s Bayliner. STORY BY JENNIFER CHESAK, PHOTOS BY ROBERT GLOVER Alexi settles next to her mom in the rear-facing lounge seat of the family’s Bayliner 185 Bowrider. Her sister takes first-mate spot, and brother wrangles Cheaha, the dog. While her siblings […]

Longer Days Make for Big Plans

See how Bayliner’s all-star Deck Boat lineup helps you make the most of summer As the days get longer, we’re reminded of the extra hours of daylight summer brings to folks on the water. For Bayliner owners, that can only mean one thing: cutting up waves and cruising the lake from morning until night. Now, […]

The Next Big Thing

The all-new Element XR7 makes a name for itself as the “Pontoon Alternative” Pontoon boats have been around forever, but it seems they have been catching more eyes lately. Still, there are a lot of sportboat fans who consider these mobile rafts perhaps a little dowdy. Into the fray comes the all-new Element XR7, a pontoon […]